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Marketing departments have become engulfed by a rising tide of data like social networking, and mobile interactions in addition to loads of structured customer information in their CRM systems and unstructured email interactions. Gartner says marketing departments are drowning in technologies because of the lack of coherent policies to manage them.

As a result, the research company predicts that 33% of Fortune 100 companies will face an “information crisis” within the next three years. "There's an overall lack of maturity when it comes to governing information as an enterprise asset," says Gartner VP Andrew White. "It's likely that a number of organizations--unable to organize themselves effectively for 2020, unwilling to focus on capabilities rather than tools, and not ready to revise their information strategy-- will suffer the consequences.”

Gartner explains that by “manage,” it means managing information for business advantage as opposed to merely storing and maintaining data. Its prescription for corporate business leaders is to set up enterprise information management (EIM) functions to identify what information is vital to a company's success and what isn't. Gartner analysts approximate that, currently, more than three quarters of individual information management initiatives within the average organization are isolated from each other. Gartner proposes a three-step approach for companies looking to avoid a data management crisis:


  • Identify the crucial business outcomes that need improvement or are being influenced by poor information management
  • Determine the business processes and leaders most affected by those outcomes and study their cases to start setting priorities for an EIM effort
  • Adopt a program management approach for EIM to identify work efforts, resource commitments, stakeholder expectations, and success metrics


According to Gartner Vice President, “In a digital economy, information is becoming the competitive asset to drive business advantage, and it’s the critical connection that links the value chain of organizations.” This puts Marketing in the driver’s seat for helping the business get ahead with strategic customer insights.

In another recent released report , Mass Relevance reports that Chief Marketing Officers are shifting their budgets to content marketing. Some of the key findings are:


  • 95% of CMOs report that content marketing is important to their business
  • 87% say that social media is an effective medium for delivering real-time content
  • 66% of CMOs expect a positive ROI from their content marketing efforts


According to the report, CMOs “are committed to investing in and exploring content marketing this year, and measuring the impact from doing so.”

But many analysts agree that most marketers or marketing departments aren’t ready for content Marketing. “Brands need to think and act like publishers,” said Michael Brenner, VP of marketing and content strategy at SAP. “That means creating content their audience wants. But also finding a way to drive conversions and business outcomes.”

Publishers understand four pillars of content creation that brands still wrestle with: They know what interests their audience, the power of images, how to operate a newsroom, and how to move quickly. The key here is process. Having an editorial calendar of topics to cover or curate is important. This lets you align the content you create with the broader message you’re trying to impart to your customers. For example, GE’s popular Tumblr “Txchnologist” produces and promotes content around topics of interest to its readers: renewable energy, computing, science and transportation.

Aside from acting as a publisher with a customer or rather a reader-centric mindset, brands need data and insights in order to create effective content. This includes social listening, data integration and reporting that defines where customers are consuming content, which content works and what topics are interesting to your customers.


And this is how the looming information crisis leads us right back to content marketing!

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