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Based in the United Arab Emirates and serving businesses around the Middle East, Frontier Communications FZ LLC delivers standardized, packaged as well as custom marketing services to enable marketers in the region achieve their strategic and tactical goals.

Whether your challenge is to generate leads, improve your brand awareness or to develop a messaging framework Frontier Communications will partner with you to jointly differentiate your offerings and ensure your campaigns deliver an unprecedented ROI.

If digital marketing or social media don’t figure in your marketing mix, then you know you need to talk to the experts who can help you find the right balance between traditional marketing and new media.

Among our customers we are proud to list leading organizations like IBM, American Express, Oracle and Dell, those leading companies cannot all be wrong. Join the winners, contact Frontier Communications now!

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Landing Pages and the Dreaded Back Button PDF Print E-mail

If your company is operating or planning to build some landing pages on your website it is very important to understand what they are, as well as the elements that go into creating an effective landing page. Why is this important, because many digital marketing pages tend to break at the landing page, the customer arrives and then instantly hit the back button on their browsers.

At its core a landing page is simply a single web page that inspires your customers to take the next step, it also contains or links to a form where the customer can sign up for the call to action. While seemingly simple, many companies are not properly implementing their pages.


The Problem with Landing Pages

Typically landing pages are meant to capture customer details. Marketers have reported that on average only 2% of visitors convert or sign up once they reach a landing page. While many websites don’t have a problem driving traffic there is a major problem with conversion. Even as technology continues to improve at a drastic rate, conversion rates have barely increased. Where is the disconnect?
On average companies are spending no less than $40 per visit to bring people to their site. However, much of this inward traffic does not convert.

5 Dimensions of a Landing Page

The 5 key dimensions of a landing page are

  • Relevance: is your content relevant to the needs of your audience?
  • Visual Attractiveness: have high quality images been used on the landing page?
  • Location: are elements of the page properly located to catch attention and inspire action?
  • Proximity: does the flow of your landing page allow for quick access?
  • Prominence: are your calls to action prominently displayed and easy to access?

Why would your customer Sign up?

When building a landing page, the main question to ask yourself is why your customer would sign up and give you his contact details. Is the reward sufficient for the customer to do so? Make sure the reward is sufficiently and attractively described on your landing page, use multiple related deliverables when appropriate to increase the conversion rate.

The other problem associated with that is whether you are asking for too many details, research has shown that the more details you ask for the less people will sign up. Marketers tend to want to get everything about their customers, name, job title, email, phone, full address, industry, company size etc. Surely unless the offering is very significant customers will look at the form and say no thank you. So it is very important to balance the level of details you are asking for with the value the customer would be getting.

The Bottom Line

Relevant and visually engaging landing pages that have a clear call to action and do not ask for an exaggerated amount of personal contact details will almost inevitably achieve higher conversion rate.

Take this seriously if you want to achieve some meaningful ROI on your digital marketing campaigns, remember that it is not relevant to drive traffic to your landing page if most of that does not get converted and captured.

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Among Our Customers


Our Services

End to End Email Campaigns
From concept development to campaign monitoring, and from graphic design to audience selection Frontier Communications is your email marketing partner in the Middle East.

 With a rich and highly categorized mailing list of more than 60,000 individuals you are assured to reach your target audience, from business executives to IT professionals and from finance managers to supply chain professionals.

 Sopported by a state of the art campaign tracking system and a speedy campaign execution process, Frontier Communications can turn around your requests quicklly and help you meet your demandiung work schedule. Join our growing list of satisfied blue chip customers and start deivering your messages to your target audience today.

Outbound Telemarketing

You need to follow up on your seminar registrations? Do you plan to qualify your precious leads before passing them to your sales team? Do you want to make sure all your channel partners are aware of your new channel promotion? You need telemarketing.

Frontier Communications can quickly set up and execute your telemarketing campaign in Arabic, English or French. Do not let your leads go cold, do not let your partners miss your channel promotions, do not run your seminar with empty seats, let Frontier Communications help you.

Online Communities

Unfortunately many marketers forget the most important fact about online communities; it is that people don’t want to talk about you, your brands, your products and your news. They really don’t care about you and your products. Rather, they want to talk about their interests, needs, challenges and desires, and connect with others who share similar interests.

If you are considering building and managing an online community, or if you would like to reach your target audience via one of our communities, consider Frontier Communications, after all we created and managed some of the Middle East’s most prominent online communities the community of progressive CIOs CIO2CIO as well as Driver2Driver the place for people who love cars and enjoy driving.

Campaign Concept Development

From initial consultation to implementation, we deliver high-level execution on all strategic planning and creative marketing projects. Our ability to link experts in design, marketing and technology gives you access to a resource capable of meeting all your business needs.

Our unique business model shortens the learning curve and allows us to get up to speed quickly with an understanding of the specific marketing needs and challenges facing clients. Clients benefit from working with senior level professionals that have in-depth expertise in their respective domains and the resources to accommodate a variety of changing needs and timeless without adding to overhead.


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